A review on decade of multi-rate filters

In this paper, we have reviewed a brief description of the ways in which the multi-rate filters are implemented in various fields of digital communication system during last decade. The main objectives of this survey paper is to find the application of multi-rate digital filters used in various fields, such as; speech coding, scrambling, adaptive signal processing, image processing, software defined radio, audio and video processing etc. In most applications multi-rate systems are used to improve the performance, or for enlarged computational efficiency.

The multi-rate digital filters are simpler faster and economic as compare to previously reported general filters. Today’s enhancement of wireless communication is based on the integration of various application, needs more and more data rate, which is restricted by various impairments. Multi-rate system has solution for the above problem of wireless communication. We, hope that this paper will help both academic as well as industry research by providing the different application of mult-rate filters at one place.

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