Imagej is an open source image processing programs. We offer imagej computer science academic projects to develop and test new image processing techniques and algorithm in imagej environment we implement imagej computer science projects in java platform. Imagej ensure a quick learning process than other programming language. CSE and IT students or researchers using imagej tool to analyze biological, medical image and digital image we ensure imagej as advanced plug-in and macros to build user friendly image processing platform. To analyze life science image we provide Fiji distribution imagej tool.

Microscopic image processing in Imagej Projects:

We identify diverticular disease by microscopic image. To diagnose diverticular disease we provide functional and structural modification for tissue identification. We use image processing process for automatic and semi automatic diagnosis of such disease. We enable imagej plug-in with circular muscle layer, my enteric plexus layer, smooth muscle layer, longitudinal muscle layer and interstitial cells in cajal to locate affected region.

Breast tumor classification using ultra sound images:

We use infiltrative nature of lesion element in computer aided diagnosis system to differentiate malignant and breast cancer area. We use discrete wavelet transform to extract lesion features. We evaluate imagej tool by receiver operating characteristic parameter we computer image accuracy, positivity, ROC curve, negative predictive values and sensitivity by imagej tool. We developed more than 75+ projects with Imagej tool.

Cadaver dissection simulation using imagej Projects:

We implement digital anatomical image by our imagej project development team to simulate dissection process from ACM papers. By this simulation process, we show organ & region removing process to bio medical students. To discharge unnecessary patches & background effects in digital anatomical image by visual human preprocessing approach. We ensure imagej with true color visualization by using visualization toolkit.



Cell image segmentation based on color coding in imagej Projects:

In computer science projects, bio medical image processing is an challenging task. We require automated method in bio medical image classification process. We classify nucleus cell based on color coding segmentation process. We enhance imagej by cellular segmentation ratios which easily analyze molecular particles.

Microscopic kidney biopsies analyzation using imagej Projects:

We provide imagej with correct annotation & identification in kidney biopsy images. We estimate pathogenesis by automatic or manual segmentation. We ensure imagej an efficient classification and analyze biopsy reports.

Medical image processing in imagej Projects:

We implement medical image processing projects in imagej for M.TECH students. We use medical image such as MRI, CT, X-ray to diagnose particular disease in human body may be in brain, kidney, lungs or spinal. Imagej or other processing tool efficiently locate disease affected region by preprocessing, feature extraction, classification, segmentation, clustering and normalization. We provide imagej as a powerful image processing tool which support all image processing step to ensure accurate image segmentation.