Communication projects are the process of exchanging thoughts, messages or speech, signals or writing. We offer communication projects for B.TECH students in the background of computer science, information technology, electronics which enable students to get a strong foundation on various aspects as digital signal processing, control engineering, digital system design and microwave engineering. We support communication final year projects to select specialized area such as satellite communication, speech processing, embedded system, wireless communication and optical communication.

ZigBee features in wireless communication:

We adopt following features in Matlab based communication  Projects:

Collision avoidance.

Direct sequence spread spectrum.

Link quality indication.

Retries and acknowledgement.

Low duty cycle provides long battery life.

Clear channel assessment.

Up to 65000 nodes on a network.

Support multiple network topology (i.e.) static, mesh, dynamic, star.

Support guaranteed time slots & packet freshers.

Low latency.

128 bit AES encryptions provide secure connection among devices.

ZigBee in wireless communication:

We implement ZigBee in wireless communication from IEEE papers. ZigBee use low power digital radio based on IEEE 802 standard for personal area network we define ZigBee specification as intended to simpler & less expensive than other WPANS.

Architecture of ZigBee:

Network reference model:

We provide network device as wired or wireless by open system interconnection model. This model does not use presentation, session or transport layer and user application into application layer.

IEEE 802.15.4 standard:

It ensures ability to identify unique every radio in network and communication format among radios.

ZigBee standard:

We offer following standards are:

Routers (ZR).

End devices (ZED).

Coordinator (ZC).

Characteristics of ZigBee communication:

We developed more than 75+ projects in ZigBee communication by our project team. The characteristics are given as:

Channel access using carrier sense multiple access with collision avoidance.

Different topologies such as peer to peer, Mesh, star.

High throughput and low latency for low duty cycle application.

Maximum data rate are allowed as 250 kbps @ 2.4 GHZ, 40kbps @ 915 MHZ and 20 kbps @ 868 MHZ.

Fully reliable hand shared data transfer protocol.

Application of ZigBee communication projects:

We deploy ZigBee communications in following application are:

Building automation:

Automatic meter reading, HVAC, Lighting control, security and access control.

Personal health care:

Fitness monitoring, patient monitoring.

Consumer electronics:

Remote control.

PC & peripherals:

Mouse, joystick and keyboard.


Environment monitoring.

Home control:

Heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), access control, lighting control and irrigation.