Perceptual grouping by tensor voting: a comparative survey of recent approaches

Tensor voting is a computational framework that addresses the problem of perceptual organisation. It was designed to convey human perception principles into a unified framework that can be adapted to extract visually salient elements from possibly noisy or corrupted images. The original formulationfeatured some concerns that made it difficult or impractical to be applied directly. Therefore, several partial or total theoretical reformulations or augmentations have been proposed. These almost parallel publication were presented in different directions, with different priorities and even in a different notation.

Thus, the authors observed the need for a coherent description and comparison of the different proposals. This work, after describing the original approach of tensor voting, reviews and explains a number of high impact theoretical modifications in a self-contained manner and including possible future directions of work. The authors have selected and organised a number of formulations and unified the way the problem is addressed across the different proposals. The aim of this study is to contribute with a modern comprehensive source of information on the theoretical aspects of tensor voting.

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