What is Scilab?

Scilab is a high level, numerically oriented language. Scilab is a distributed and open source scientific software package. Allows dynamically compiling and linking other languages.

When to use Scilab Projects?

Scilab Projects used for statistical analysis, fluid mechanics, signal processing, image enhancement,modelling and numerical optimization, etc.

Advantages of choosing Scilab Projects?

  • Polynomials and Rational Functions
  • Differentiable and Non-Differentiable Optimization
  • Signal Processing
  • Linear, Quadratic and Non-Linear Optimization
  • Differentiable Algebraic Equations

Sample Code for Image Capturing using USB Webcam in Scilab Projects

n=camopen(); // to open camera
im=avireadframe(n); // get a frame
imshow (im); // to show image
avilistopened(); //list all opened files and cameras
aviclose (n); // to close an opened video file or camera

  • Completed Scilab Projects 42%
  • ON Going Scilab Projects 16%


scilab projects

Uses of Scilab Projects:

  • Algorithm Development.
  • Modeling, simulation and visualization.
  • Math and computation.
  • Application Development.
  • Signal processing.

Scilab Functions: To define a new function use function and endfunction of scilab keywords

Function y = myfunction (x)

y = 2*x endfunction

  • Functions have an arbitrary number of input and output arguments.
  • Input and Output arguments are separated by commas.

Scilab Image Processing Tasks:

  • Filtering.
  • Edge Detection.
  • Histogram manipulation.
  • Blurring.
  • Thresholding.
  • Segmentation.
  • Mathematical Morphology.
  • Color Image Processing.