ITK snap projects a cross platform which is an open source application development framework used for development of image segmentation and image registration programs. We implement ITK-SNAP a software tool for segment anatomical structures, viewing and label 3D medical images. We ensure automatic active contour segmentation pipeline with manual segmentation toolbox support. We determine ITK-SNAP matlab with full featured UI aimed at clinical researchers. We establish sample image representation from medical instrument such as CT or MRI scanners. We develop ITK snap projects from Elsevier in medical environment where CT scan begin with MRI scan in order to combine information.



Feature of ITK snap projects:

We adopt the following feature in ITK snap projects for PhD scholars are:

  • Read & write variety of medical image formats such as NIfti, Dicom, and mayo analyze.
  • Leverage insight segmentation and registration toolkit library.
  • Limited support for multi components & multi variant imaging data.

Applications of ITK snap projects:

We developed more than 80+ projects in ITK snap application are:

  • Prenatal image analysis.
  • Carotid artery segmentation.
  • Orthodontics.
  • Lung cancer radiotherapy.
  • Brain morphometry.
  • Diffusion & MRI analysis.
  • Virtual reality in medicine.

Models for software application in ITK snap projects:

We implemented various models for final year projects in ITK snap projects are:

Lisa: Software written in python programming language it include segmentation of liver, lesion from abdominal CT image vessels and relation to liver vascular tree. Application read only data in Dicom format.

Osirix: Osirix image processing software specially designed for images in Dicom format. We provide software as free. Open source under the GNU license. We establish software for OSX operating system.

LTK snap: LTK snap is a software application used to segment structures in 3D medical images. We provide semi automatic segmentation using active contour methods, as well as manual delineation and image navigation. We determine ITK snap free software provided under general public license. We distribute all major platforms such as Linux and OSX.

3D slicer: We implement 3D slicer as software package for visualization and image analysis. It is an free and open source software includes python interpreter for direct interaction with python language.

Geos: We provide Geos software from Microsoft production which specifically from division Microsoft research. It is a tool for semi automatic segmentation of 3D medical images such as CT of MRI scans. It works based on geodesic image segmentation.

3D active contour segmentation in ITK snaps:

  • Automatic segmentation overflows.
  • Active contour evolution.
  • Image navigation & manual segmentation.