Probability distribution function based iris recognition boosted by the mean rule

In this work, a new iris recognition algorithm based on tonal distribution of iris images is introduced. During the process of identification probability distribution functions of colored irises are generated in HSI and YCbCr color spaces. The discrimination between classes is obtained by using Kullback-Leibler divergence. In order to obtain the final decision on recognition, the multi decision on various color channels has been combined by employing mean rule. The decisions of H, S, Y, Cb and Cr color channels have been combined.

The proposed technique overcome the conventional principle component analysis technique and achieved a recognition rate of 100% using the UPOL database. The major advantage is the fact that it is computationally less complex than the Daugman’s algorithm and it is suitable for using visible light camera as opposed to the one proposed by Daugman where NIR cameras are used for obtaining the irises.

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