Land surface temperature in the urban area of Lyon metropolis: A comparative study of remote sensing data and MesoNH model simulation

This work is the first attempt to characterize the Surface Heat Island (SHI) of Lyon, using a dual approach: remote sensing and modeling. The remote sensing approach is based upon the processing of Landsat imagery : daytime Landsat 5 TM images (11th April 2011) and nighttime Landsat 7 ETM+ images (30th April 2011).

For the modeling MesoNH, a non-hydrostatic mesoscale atmospheric model is used. For the most case LST retrieved from Landsat and LST obtained by modeling are compared. Means of surface temperature are close to 0.5°C to 2°C. The differences between two methods depend on the day or night conditions, and the accuracy of land cover database.

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