A Robust Delaunay Triangulation Matching for Multispectral/Multidate Remote Sensing Image Registration

A novel dual-graph-based matching method is proposed in this letter particularly for the multispectral/multidate images with low overlapping areas, similar patterns, or large transformations. First, scale invariant feature transform based matching is improved by normalizing gradient orientations and maximizing the scale ratio similarity of all corresponding points. Next, Delaunay graphs are generated for outlier removal, and the candidate outliers are selected by comparing the distinction of Delaunay graph structures.

In order to bring back the inliers removed in Delaunay triangulation matching iterations and to exclude the remaining outliers, the recovery strategy equipped with the dual graph of Delaunay is explored. Inliers located in the corresponding Voronoi cells are recovered to the residual sets. The experimental results demonstrate the accuracy and robustness of the proposed algorithm for various representative remote sensing images.

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