GPU-Accelerated Digital Halftoning by the Local Exhaustive Search

The main contribution of this paper is to show a new GPU implementation for the digital half toning by the local exhaustive search that can generate high quality binary images. We have considered programming issues of the GPU architecture to implement these two methods on the GPU. The experimental result shows that our GPU implementation for the local exhaustive search on NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 for a 512×512 gray scale image runs in 732 seconds, while the CPU implementation runs in 37,364 seconds.

Thus, our GPU implementation attains a speed-up factor of 50.98. Additionally, we also propose a GPU implementation for the digital half toning by the partial exhaustive search of which the search space of the local exhaustive search is reduced. Similarly, we can accelerate the computation of the partial exhaustive search 30.73 times faster.

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