A digital blind watermarking scheme based on quantization index modulation in depth map for 3D video

3D video provides an immersive experience to viewers and is getting more and more popular. The solution to create 3D video from 2D video is low-cost compared with that captures 3D video directly, and the generation of depth map from 2D video is a key in the 2D-3D video conversion systems. Therefore, protection of depth map is vital for 3D video. In this paper, a digital blind watermarking scheme based on Quantization Index Modulation (QIM) algorithm is proposed in which the copyright information is embedded in the DCT coefficients of depth map imperceptibly.

The experimental results show that the proposed scheme has good robustness against video attacks such as salt noise, median filtering, wiener filtering, and scaling. In the meanwhile, the stereo video embedded watermarking can accomplish zero distortion in comparison with the original one.

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