Design of satellite payload filter emulator using hamming window

A communication satellite payload consists of receiving and transmitting antennas and all the electronic equipment which supports the transmission of the carriers. The overall satellite payload bandwidth is split into several sub-bands. The amplifying chain associated with each sub-band is called a satellite channel, or transponder. A typical satellite communication transponder comprises of wide band receivers followed by an analog channelization assembly, power amplifier and an output combiner. In order to characterize the performance of the transponder given only the measured results such as magnitude and phase response, the transponder subsystems can be modelled in a suitable software or hardware.

A satellite emalator consists of many sub-systems but the paper would focus on filters imelemented in a setellite payload. These include Preselect Filter (PSF), Input Multiplexer (IMUX) and Output Multiplexer (OMUX) and Harmonic Reject Filter (HRF). This paper illustrates the emulation of characteristics of diffprent band pass filters implemented in the communication payload using digitalfilters. A generic fixed pole FIR filter was designed which was further tested for PSF, IMUX, OMUX and HRF filter response.

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