Analytical Switching Loss Model for SuperJunction MOSFET with Capacitive Non-Linearities and Displacement Currents

A new analytical model is presented in this work to predict power losses and waveforms of high-voltage silicon SuperJunction (SJ) MOSFET during hard-switching operation. This model depends on datasheet parameters of the semiconductors, as well as, the parasitics obtained from the printed circuit board characterization. It is important to note that it also includes original features accounting for strong capacitive non-linearities and displacement currents.

Moreover, these features demand unusualextraction of electrical characteristics from regular datasheets. A detailed analysis on how to obtain this electrical characteristics is included in this work. Finally, the high accuracy of the model is validated with experimental measurements in a double-pulse buck converter setup by using commercial SJ MOSFET, as well as, advanced device prototypes under development.

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