Biometrics security system: A review of multimodal biometrics based techniques for generating crypto-key

In today’s world the life is very fast we want to do everything so quickly and easily without putting much physical and mental effort. With the advancement of technology we are provided with higher level of knowledge through the invention of different devices. However each technological innovation has its pros and cons. One of the emerging devise for biometric security system is Smartphone’s we are using today. Today we cannot think of living without smart phones as they have become the part of our life. We depend on our phone for our so man day to day activities like paying bills connecting with friends and office, making money transaction.

But using the traditional security features we cannot get appropriate security as anyone who knows the password to unlock my phone can get access to my phone. Using biometrics traits like fingerprint, voice, face, and iris one cannot get access to the device. In this paper we focus on how biometrics help in making the device more secure and fool proof and what were the lacking in the traditional methods of security system which give birth to the implementation of biometric security system.

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