Broadband Millimeter-Wave Power Combiner Using Compact SIW to Waveguide Transition

A novel broadband millimeter-wave passive power combiner based on substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) to waveguide transition is presented in this letter. Two transition circuits are symmetrically inserted into the E-plane of the rectangular waveguide and function as power-combining network. To satisfy the wideband request of the power combiner, a broadband and compact SIW-to-waveguide transition circuit has been developed using antisymmetric tapered probe.

A Ka-band four-way power combiner was fabricated and the measured results agree well with the simulated ones. The measured results show that the proposed combiner achieved a bandwidth of 52% from 23.5 to 40 GHz with better than 15 dB return loss and an insertion loss of 0.75 to 1.4 dB. This millimeter-wave power combiner can be employed in high power-combining system for its simple structure and broadband performance.

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