Cloud authentication based on encryption of digital image using edge detection

The security of cloud computing is the most important concerns that may delay its well-known adoption. Authentication is the central part of cloud security, targeting to gain valid users for accessing to stored data in cloud computing. There are several authentication schemes that based on username/password, but they are considered weak methods of cloud authentication. In the other side, image’s digitization becomes highly vulnerable to malicious attacks over cloud computing. Our proposed scheme focuses on two-factor authentication that used image partial encryption to overcome above aforementioned issues and drawbacks of authentication schemes.

Additionally, we use a fast partial image encryption scheme using Canny’s edge detection with symmetric encryption is done as a second factor. In this scheme, the edge pixels of image are encrypted using the stream cipher as it holds most of the image’s data and then we applied this way to authenticate valid users. The results of security analysis and experimental results view that our work supports a good balance between security and performance forimage encryption in cloud computing environment.

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