D-mago: A novel visual entity for storing emotional feeling with visual imprint

Many users want to preserve their visual record of the moment that they want to commemorate. Nonetheless, it is still challenging to remember the actual emotional feeling for that moment even by looking at the old picture. There are methods such as to tag or hide the message within the image. However, tradeoffs exist by attaching additional data for the former method and the quality of the imageis degraded for the latter one. It is difficult to avoid these two tradeoffs.

In this paper, we propose D-mago to preserve the moment to remember as an image, which is consists of the visual information and the emotional feeling without binding extra data or degrading the quality of the image. To further verify the benefit of our proposed algorithm, we conducted series of evaluation studies to see the effectiveness of the proposed scheme. The results indicate that D-mago overcomes the preceding tradeoffPs by maintaining PSNR above 40 dB.

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