Design and analysis of an efficient trust management scheme for clustered based MANET using Bayesian method

Nodes communicate through wireless links in the absence of fixed infrastructure in Mobile ad-hoc network (MANET). The two basic routing on the basis of security purpose are cryptographic and trust based mechanism which have been used for performing fundamental functions like message sending, data transmission etc in MANET. Though several trust based protocols have been developed, but most of them are incapable of satisfying the serious problems like resource utilization and reliable trust computation simultaneously in the field of ad-hoc network due to their high overhead and low flexibility.

In this work, we have designed a new enhanced and reliable trust management scheme for clustered ad-hoc network based on Bayesian methods which is able to minimize the memory space requirement that ultimately results in better resource utilization. The mathematical analysis shows that, our trust management scheme is efficient in terms of protection against the deceptive behaviour of malicious cluster-members (CMs) and cluster-heads (CHs) both at the intra and inter-cluster levels in MANET.

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