Design of implantable patch antenna for biomedical application

In this work, an implantable antenna is proposed for short-range biomedical applications. The design of implantable antennas mainly emphasizes miniaturization and biocompatibility. Conserving energy to extend the life span of the implantable medical device is also significant. ISM band antennas are being designed for these purposes that “wake up” the implantable medical device only when there is a need for information exchange.

The implantable antenna is operating in Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) (2.4 GHz–2.48 GHz) bands. The simulated return losses are −14 dB at the resonant frequency of 2.45 GHz. The analysis and design of microstrip antenna is carried out by adopting transmission line method. The simulation results of return loss, VSWR, impedance matching, radiation pattern of the proposed antenna have been constructed. The bidirectional radiation pattern is achieved for various frequency conditions.

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