Enhancing security for multimodal biometric using Hyper Image Encryption Algorithm

The deployment of large-scale biometric systems in both commercial and government applications has served to increase the public’s awareness of this technology. This dramatic growth in biometric system has clearly highlighted the challenges associated in designing and integrating these systems. `Multimodal biometrics’ is development to great importance wherein the information from three different biometric sources namely finger print, retina, finger vein is used for authentication system.

Unlike unibiometric systems, these are sensitive to noise and make spoofing difficult for hackers. As an deployment of multimodal biometric, this project aims to dynamically ensure the performance to provide an enhanced level of security by combining Finger vein, Retina and Fingerprint with Hyper Image Encryption Algorithm (HIEA). Hyper image encryption algorithm is applied to the biometric template and only the transformed template is stored in the database based on secret key in which increases GAR and reduces FAR.

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