Fuzzy logic controller for permanent magnet synchronous machines

The fuzzy logic controller, FLC, it is part of the control with artificial intelligence (AI), and implies obtaining of improved signal wave forms at output and reduction of oscillations (such as output speed variation, torque variation, current variation for the three phases) comparatively with the classic control. This paper presents two cases of FLC for exterior permanent magnet synchronous machines, PMSM, (Ld=Lq), with 25 rules and with 49 rules. The FLC is developed to have less computational burden, which makes it suitable for real time implementation.

The dynamic performances of permanent magnet synchronous machines opens new possibilities of large scale application of PMSM which has a high torque density, with low losses/torque ratio, high power factor and quick torque and speed response. For the real time implementation we have made reference to the digital signal processor controller board DS1104.

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