High capacity and robust speech data hiding in colour images

Steganography is a method for hiding information in a host signal. The host signal can be a still image, speech or video and the message signal that is hidden in the host signal can be a text, image or an audio signal. In this method host signal is image and secret message is audio signal. In this paper, a data hiding scheme by Discrete Wavelet Transform with LSB substitution is proposed. By applying Discrete Wavelet Transform on secret message, message data is hidden in the LSB’s of the colourimage pixels.

The worst case mean-square-error and PSNR between the stego-image and the cover-image is derived. Experimental results show that the stego-image is visually indistinguishable from the original cover-image. In this paper male/female speeches are hiding inside digital images. Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) is applied on secret speech signal followed by LSB method to obtain the stego-image at transmitter side. At receiver end Inverse Discrete Wavelet transform applied on stegoimage and secret signal can retrieve by LSB method.

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