Laser fabrication of biomedical sensor for AC impedance analysis

A simple, fast, and low-cost method to fabricate variance type of interdigital sensor device for different fields application was demonstrated. The sensor device was fabricated by employing the laser micromachining technology, which approach was comparable with current commercial laser process. The resolution of sensor structure can be successfully approach around 50 μm. The electronic properties of the interdigital sensor device were found to be similar to reported in literature. An equivalent circuit model was used to demonstrate the sensing capacity.

The AC impedance analysis was consistent with a sensor affected by variance type of sensor design and different sensing material, respectively. The specific electric changes were observed for air, deionized water, and ethanol sensing when sensing area exposed with different conditions. With its excellent electric properties and faster processing for potential of commercial production, laser micromachining technology can be very useful fabrication process for variety of biological and chemical sensing applications.

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