Maxwell’s equations based 3D model of light scattering in the retina

The goal of this work is to develop a computational model of the human retina and simulate light scattering through its structure aiming to shed light on data obtained by optical coherence tomography in human retinas. Currently, light propagation in scattering media is often described by Mie’s solution to Maxwell’s equations, which only describes the scattering patterns for homogeneous spheres, thus limiting its application for scatterers of more complex shapes.

In this work, we propose a discontinuous Galerkin method combined with a low-storage Runge-Kutta method as an accurate and efficient way to numerically solve the time-dependent Maxwell’s equations. In this work, we report on the validation of the proposed methodology by comparison with Mie’s solution, a mandatory step before further elaborating the numerical scheme towards the propagation of electromagnetic waves through the human retina.

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