Monitoring of dips in the MV network for regulation- A case study

Voltage dips constitute to a noticeable part of power quality (PQ) problems but causing major financial losses to industrial and commercial customers. This work involves comparative studies to choose the most appropriate location of monitoring dips for regulation. In this paper, a Dutch MV network is used and dip monitoring locations are considered at different points of connections (POC) where customers are connected. To estimate the number of dips per year, simulations are performed on the network using PowerFactory.

The voltage dip profiles at the selected monitoring point are analyzed for phase and line voltage dips. The effects of distributed generation (DG) on the voltage dips are also observed and the transfer of voltage dips from MV to LV network is briefly discussed. To analyze the effects of the expected dips on industrial equipment, severity curves are applied onto the standard dip tables.

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