Multichannel HRWS SAR Imaging Based on Range-Variant Channel Calibration and Multi-Doppler-Direction Restriction Ambiguity Suppression

In order to obtain high-resolution wide-swath (HRWS) images, the multichannel in azimuth synthetic aperture radar (SAR) system has been adopted to deal with the contradiction problem between high resolution and low pulse repetition frequency (PRF). In this paper, a novel channel-calibration method is proposed for the multichannel in azimuth HRWS SAR imaging system. During the channel calibration, the mismatch between the channels, which results from the gain-phase error and the range sampling time error, is first corrected by the coarse-calibration processing in the range frequency domain. Then, the along azimuth baseline measurement error is estimated. Considering the range variance in the residual phase error, the data are processed in blocks along the range time domain, and the error of every subblock data is estimated.

After that, a fitting and filtering is implemented along the range to the estimated values of the phase error of all subblocks. The range-variant phase error is then compensated using their estimated values. After channel calibration, this paper also presents a new Doppler ambiguity suppression algorithm which nulls the ambiguity components in the Doppler domain. The newly proposed algorithm outperforms the post-Doppler ambiguity suppression algorithm. The airborne real measured scan synthetic aperture radar data, which are acquired by a seven-channel in azimuth SAR imaging system with the system working at X-band, are utilized to demonstrate the performance of the newly proposed channel-calibration method and the new Doppler ambiguity suppression algorithm.

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