Optimal design of wideband digital integrators using gravitational search algorithm

In this paper a new heuristic algorithm called Gravitational Search Algorithm (GSA), is employed for the optimization of the filter coefficients of infinite impulse response (IIR) integrator design problem. GSA is a population based algorithm formulated on the principles of Newtonian gravity and law of motion. GSA employs the interaction of masses in an isolated system directed by law of Newtonian gravity and motion. The efficiency of GSA lies in the fact that it presents a suitable transition between exploration and exploitation stage and has a very quick convergence rate.

The simulation results have been compared to the well accepted conventional integrator design techniques such as segment rule and trapezoidal (TPZ) methods, and evolutionary optimization techniques like genetic algorithm (GA), simulated annealing (SA), pole zero placement (PZ), particle swarm optimization (PSO), fletcher Powell (FP) and minimax, pole, zero and constant optimization (MPZCO) methods. The results unleash the potential of GSA in obtaining improved magnitude error and comparable or improved phase error.

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