Simulink Projects

Simulink projects ensure the fittest projects within your deadline. Most of the students spend too much of money and energy in designing real-time projects. Even small mistakes in their project will have high impact on the economical and time. Still, they have no idea to cipher their real-time concept into simulation. To assist those pupils, we have presented our Simulink projects. With our handy help, more than 5000+ students have saved their money and time.


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For every student, we pledge all of our benefits. So that, they can feel free and relax about their projects and viva voce. Before get into the projects, you must have the view on the current topics. Your project will grab gratitude as much as your topic’s newness. To attain this, you should have a list of brand-new topics which is hard to gather. Thus, we have kept 1000+ new ideas to serve you without complications.


  • Automated desalination in hybrid renewable energy
  • Neuro-fuzzy model for adaptive tuning
  • Damper control and parameter tuning in wind system
  • Fault-tolerable fuel control system
  • Closed loop control for engine timing model
  • Clutch lock-up and anti-lock braking system
  • Adaptive control of angle of attack pitch
  • Aircraft tracking and control through radar signal
  • Dynamic PID controller for automated energy system
  • Real-time anomaly detection in industries
  • Smart-grid digital twin model for energy analysis
  • PMSM and BLDC motor design


  • Multi-robot control system
  • 3-Phase rectifier and 2-Bus loadflow
  • Solar system simulator power generator and converter
  • Multi-phase modular multi-level converter
  • Hybrid linear actuator design and control
  • Stepper motor averaged mode control design
  • Thermo-electric cooler by Peltier device
  • Micro-biotic incubator thermal control
  • Automatic cars and electric vehicle system
  • Marine propulsion power system
  • Deep learning based torque control
  • High impedance fault detection

Each project has different nature so that we change our way as per the project. In a word, we reflect only your thoughts and desires like a mirror do. We always write bespoke code as per your project plot instead of using existing one. In any complex project, we will squeeze out top-notch results. Hence, there is no doubt regarding the quality. Write all your needs and send them to us. We will get back to you with the apt solutions.