The Objectifying System Using for Color Inspection of Traditional Chinese Medicine Based on the Digital Image Technology

This paper report a new system developed for objectifying study of Color inspections of traditional Chinese medicine (CITCM), which is based on the digital image technologies. In this scheme, the entire system includes two parts, which are the hardware and the software. The hardware is an imageacquisition device in a standard lighting conditions, which mainly includes a xenon lamp with a Color Temperature of 5500K to act as light source, an integrating sphere which is used for diffusing light and a high resolution CCD camera. The software is used for digital image processing, the procedure is divided into three steps.

Firstly the skin/ non-skin classification is performed by utilizing the threshold in chrominance channels of the RGB color space. Secondly, the facial features are localized by employing the image segmentation and coordinates sorting. Finally, the facial special region (SI) corresponding to five internal organs are achieved by utilizing masks designed to take advantage of morphology. Subsequently, the chromaticity is calculated. The system is carried out by taking 100 samples. Experimental results demonstrate that the proposed scheme exhibits better performance for objectifying research of CITCM.

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