A current error space phasor based hysteresis controller for voltage source inverter fed induction motor drive

In this paper, a simple current error space vector (CESV)based constant switching frequency hysteresis controller for two level voltage source inverter fed Induction Motor(IM) drives is proposed. The controller have all inherent advantages of space phasor based hysteresis controllers such as fast dynamic behaviour, easy implementation, adjacent voltage vector switching in addition to elimination of switching frequency variation. The steps involved in boundary calculation includes the estimation of stator voltages from the current ripple, calculation of switching times and voltage error vectors and sector determination.

Machine voltage vector is not computed in the proposed controller and uses only those inverter voltage vectors which are identical to the machine voltage vectors for the entire range of operation. Vector selection logic satisfies bus clamping space vector pulse width modulation(BCSVPWM) where only one zero state is used in a sub cycle of total switching time period. The proposed hysteresis controller based inverter fed drive scheme is simulated using SIMULINKtoolbox of MATLAB for steady state and transient performance.

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