A modified approach of fragile watermarking using Local Binary Pattern (LBP)

This paper proposes a modified approach of fragile watermarking. The watermark generation is based on Local Binary Pattern (LBP). The proposed method is having recovery ability. Local Binary Pattern(LBP) is an operator that describes the surroundings of a pixel by generating a LBP code. LBP is mostly used for face detection, texture classification, pattern recognition and image classification. In this method we have used the spatial information to generate watermark.

The watermark is embedded in image block of 3 × 3 pixel size and this authentication data is used for image tamper detection and recovery. Recovery information of tampered block is calculated in the form of mean of the block. The watermark data and recovery information is embedded into 2 LSB of the pixel. The experimental results of this scheme are better than previous scheme of LBP based watermarking in terms of tamper detection rate recover ability and image quality.

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