Digital telemammography services for rural India, software components and design protocol

Providing healthcare services in the rural parts of India is a big challenge mainly due to dismal doctor – patient ratio. Deadly diseases like cancer need experts to detect and diagnosis. Breast cancer, is the second major type of cancer found in women worldwide. Mammography screening has been proven to be most effective in reducing the mortality rate of breast cancer, with the application of advanced ICT technology to rural primary health care centers for breast cancer detection, will definitely help in early detection of breast cancer and hence increases the survival rate in women.

The Digital“Telemammography Service System” – (TSS), is one such initiative to enable trained healthcare workers and patient from the rural primary health care center to consult experts/radiologist remotely at low cost and get done with their digital mammograms analyzed thoroughly. In this work, we present the software architecture and low cost implementation model for a Rural Service Platform to provide an end-to-end solution while touching the next billion under-served populations. In this paper, we mainly focused on the studies related to digital mammography, system architecture and software components to provide effective healthcare services to rural Indian women.

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