A new approach for measuring 3D digitalized rape leaf parameters based on images

At present, measurement method of crop leaf area mainly proceeds in two-dimensional way, which may lead to certain degree of damage. Therefore, it will be of great significant to propose a non-contact method for the measurement of leaf area. In this paper, pictures of rape are obtained from different viewangles with mobile camera, and then three-dimensional digitization of rape is realized by SFM(Structure From Motion) and MVS(Multiple View Stereo) technologies.

We conduct a case study and establish a three-dimensional modeling of rape leaf by applying the NURBS surface fitting. Finally, surface area of rape leaf is automatically calculated, and then compared to the area which is obtained by traditional digital image measurement methodology, in this way it realizes non-destructive detection of rapte growth modeling for precision agriculture. According to the experimental results, the the method of 3D digitalized rape leaf measurement based on images is supported.

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