A new reactor circuit to improve the input power quality in switched reluctance motor drive

This paper deals with an input power quality improvement in an Asymmetric Converter based switched reluctance motor (SRM) drive at ac mains using a Reactor circuit. Normally an asymmetric converter is used as a power converter for SRM drive. Conventionally three phase ac mains fed bridge rectifier is used as a dc source to feed this power converter which produces high content of harmonics at ac mains with a very low power factor. The proposed circuits with an asymmetric converter fed SRM drive enhance the power factor at ac mains with low current harmonics.

By this method we can get almost constant dc link voltage which can be applied to the converter. The proposed SRM drive is modelled and its performance is simulated in Matlab/Simulink environment. The performance of the reactor circuit topology is compared with a conventional SRM drive to demonstrate improved power quality at ac mains.

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