Anisotropic Spectral-Spatial Total Variation Model for Multispectral Remote Sensing Image Destriping

Multispectral remote sensing images often suffer from the common problem of stripe noise, which greatly degrades the imaging quality and limits the precision of the subsequent processing. The conventional destriping approaches usually remove stripe noise band by band, and show their limitations on different types of stripe noise. In this paper, we tentatively categorize the stripes in remotesensing images in a more comprehensive manner. We propose to treat the multispectral images as a spectral-spatial volume and pose an anisotropic spectral-spatial total variation regularization to enhance the smoothness of solution along both the spectral and spatial dimension.

As a result, a more comprehensive stripes and random noise are perfectly removed, while the edges and detail information are well preserved. In addition, the split Bregman iteration method is employed to solve the resulting minimization problem, which highly reduces the computational load. We extensively validate our method under various stripe categories and show comparison with other approaches with respect to result quality, running time, and quantitative assessments.

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