Application of biometric identification technology for network security in the network and information era, which will greatly change the life-style of people

The global spread revolution of information and information technology is playing a decisive role to social change. Internet has become the most effective way for information transmission, whose role is network security. How to guarantee network security has become a serious and worrying problem. Biometric identification technology has some advantages including universality, uniqueness, stability and hard to be stolen.

Through comparing with the other methods of biometric identification technology, such as fingerprint recognition, palm recognition, facial recognition, signature recognition, irisrecognition and retina recognition, gene recognition has advantages of exclusiveness, never change, convenience and a large amount of information, which is thought to be the most important method of biometric identification technology. With the development of modern technology, the fusion of biological technology and information technology has become an inevitable trend. Biometric identification technology will necessarily replace the traditional identification technology and greatly change the life-style of people in the near future.

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