Infocommunication technologies of decision support in telemedicine

We consider some details of choice of bandwidth and according communication technologies for the telemedicine networks. There are general thoughts and ideology of choice, the bandwidth requirements for telemedicine applications and services used to transmit medical information given. We offer some additional solutions to optimize the use of the medical institution. The problem of automation and objectification of determining the structure of night sleep of the patient is formulated. Since established that the electroencephalogram may indicate a level of wakefulness and brain to adequately reflect the depth of sleep, one aspect of this problem is to automate the recognition electroencephalograms that occurs in distance diagnosis of diseases of the brain, nervous and cardiovascular systems.

For this purpose the algorithm for automated recognition of sleep stages by EEG readings, transmitted in digitalform by appropriate communication channels, is proposed. We consider the principle of this algorithm, a system which is based on this algorithm, and propose possible directions of its development. There is also a review of software defined networks and network functions virtualization concepts. The useful properties and potential of the use of these technologies in telemedicine facilities are considered.

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