Real-Time Music Tracking Based on a Weightless Neural Network

Music tracking is a useful technique for many music related tasks. Some applications include evaluating musicians performance, automatic score page turning and syncing music lyrics. In this work, we describe a WiSARD-based system for real-time music tracking and evaluate the performance of the corresponding implementation. Given any audio example, the system is capable of recognizing which point of the original signal is currently playing and of dynamically tracking it. In other words, if the music restarts or jumps to another position, the system is capable of following it.

This is accomplished thanks to the low complexity training and classifying of the models used, which continually keep track of all possible points of the music, and not only of the current neighboring region. Experiments are provided in order to analyze the performance of the system in three test scenarios: tracking continuous playing, tracking multiple jumps and self predicting errors. The final results demonstrate that the system is efficient even when applied to musics with some level of repetitions and short periods of silence.

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