Exploring challenges of biometric technology adoption: A namibian review

The adoption of technology in many countries has been delayed by a couple of challenges. This paper explains one such technology in the form of biometrics. The use of biometrics technology has been witnessed in many areas such as access points, security and verification areas. Biometrics have been used as security measures in different businesses. The developments within the biometrics technologies have been affected by a couple of challenges such as lack of trust and high implementation cost.

In this paper, a review on the challenges of biometrics adoption within Namibia is given. The paper outlines the technical approach that could be used to get the insight and views of biometrics technologies implementation in Namibia. Results show that there are a lot of challenges that affect biometrics usage in Namibia. The paper provides the research approach that could be taken to explore current challenges in adopting biometrics usage in Namibia.

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