BIG DATA PROJECTS give you a ubiquitous podium in the direction of enhances your precise standards and morals. Our management likewise sustain can provide you, surplus you be expecting. BIG DATA is an all encompassing support, which resolve make possible you by means of all your requests and chucks.


  • Clustering Big Spatiotemporal-Interval Data
  • Incremental Query Processing on Big Data Streams
  • A model of the process of big data with generalized net (BIG-DATA-PROJECTS)
  • Selecting appropriate cloud solution for managing big data projects using hybrid AHP-entropy based assessment
  • A biometric approach to secure big data
  • Big data lakes can support better population health for rural India — Swastha Bharat
  • An emerging trend of big data analytics with health insurance in India
  • Low energy sketching engines on many-core platform for big dataacceleration
  • Aviation PHM system research framework based on PHM big data center
  • Big Data Driven Mobile Traffic Understanding and Forecasting: A Time Series Approach
  • When Big Data are Too Much: Effects of LiDAR Returns and Point Density on Estimation of Forest Biomass
  • Towards an Infrastructure to Support Big Data for a Smart City Project
  • Emotion-based social computing platform for streaming big-data: Architecture and application (BIG-DAT-PROJECTS)
  • A big data approach for proactive healthcare monitoring of chronic patients
  • Sketching-based high-performance biomedical big data processing accelerator