Cancelable iris template generation using look-up table mapping

One of the potential passiveness in a biometric system is the invasion of stored biometric template, which may lead to serious security and privacy thefts. The emerging need of biometric approaches is evolved from privacy invasion and irrevocable issues of identity thefts as passwords and tokens can be easily compromised. To address these issues, the notion of cancelable biometrics is introduced to signify biometric templates that can be canceled and replaced with the inclusion of another independent authentication factor. Cancelable biometric generation technique based on randomized look-up table mapping has been proposed in this paper.

The technique uses a decimal vector, which is evaluated from a row vector. Row vector is generated by applying 1-D Log Gabor filter on the raw iris template. The decimal vector is then mapped to look-up table based on the position of bits. The proposed approach enables an operation of cancelable iris biometric systems at a high security level. Experiments which are carried out on the CASIA V3 Interval iris database confirm the effectiveness of the proposed approach. Although, the accuracy of the proposed approach is confirmed as 94.26% but the approach is efficient if we consider the security and non-revocable perspectives.

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