Cyber risk evaluation framework based on Risk Environment of military operation

Cyber attacking is one of the most concerning threats in military operation nowadays. In Cyber warfare concept, cyberspace is very logical comparing to the other 4 battlefields including land, water, air, and space. It is almost impossible to identify physical location of hosts in Latitude/Longitude, not even direction or distance from one to another. Traditional boundaries disappear within cyberspace. Moreover, separated activities can be done from many locations via computer network. In this information age, information superiority is translated into combat power.

Robust and secure network is significantly needed as a core media for information operation e.g. censoring and sharing. However, Cyber risk environment in the battlefield is not yet clarified. Vulnerability detection, penetration testing, and risk evaluation are parts of network security. Therefore, this paper proposes a cyber-risk evaluation framework that integrates “Network Risk Metric” and “Risk Environment” of military operation together in order to get a better understanding of cyber risk in the battlefield.

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