Enhancement of IRIS recognition using Gabor over FFBPANN

In this Paper iris recognition using log 2 D Gabor filter approach is define over FFBPANN to identify the authorized person. Iris recognition is one of the types of biometrics. NIR and UBIRISv2 these two databases are compared in this paper for getting the accuracy of Iris images. Near Infrared Illumination is having high accuracy of Iris image, but it is hazardous for human eyes. To overcome the problem of Near Infrared Illumination the study of UBIRISv2 with FFBPANN and log 2-D Gabor filter is done in this paper.

 Iris recognition is having some characteristics such as stability, high recognition rate and uniqueness. Iris patterns are used here for Iris Recognition using Gabor against FFBPANN. Where VI is having degraded image quality and it needs low user co-operation for capturing image whereas NIR having good image quality with high user Co-operation.

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