Generating Subtitles Automatically Using Audio Extraction and Speech Recognition

In present scenario, video plays a vital role to help people understand and comprehend the information for example the songs, movies or the video lectures or any other multimedia data relevant to the user. Hence, here it becomes important to make videos available to the people having auditory problems and even more for the people to remove the gaps of their native language. This can be best done by the use of subtitles of the video. However, downloading subtitles of any video from the internet is a monotonousprocess.

Consequently, to generate subtitles automatically through the software itself and without the use of internet is a valid subject of research. Hence, this research paper resolves the above issue through three distinct modules namely Audio Extraction which converts an input file of any format supported by MPEG standards to .wav format. Here 24% reduction rate has been achieved in the size of the song after the extraction. Then Speech Recognition of the extracted .wav file is implemented and finally, Subtitle Generation in which a .txt/.srt file is generated which is synchronized with the input file.

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