Geolocalized Modeling for Dish Recognition

Food-related photos have become increasingly popular , due to social networks, foodrecommendations, and dietary assessment systems. Reliable annotation is essential in those systems, but unconstrained automatic food recognition is still not accurate enough. Most works focus on exploiting only the visual content while ignoring the context. To address this limitation, in this paper we explore leveraging geolocation and external information about restaurants to simplify the classification problem. We propose a framework incorporating discriminative classification in geolocalized settings and introduce the concept of geolocalized models, which, in our scenario, are trained locally at each restaurant location.

In particular, we propose two strategies to implement this framework: geolocalized voting and combinations of bundled classifiers. Both models show promising performance, and the later is particularly efficient and scalable. We collected a restaurant-oriented food dataset with food images, dish tags, and restaurant-level information, such as the menu and geolocation. Experiments on this dataset show that exploiting geolocation improves around 30% the recognition performance, and geolocalized models contribute with an additional 3-8% absolute gain, while they can be trained up to five times faster.

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