OCR and RFID enabled vehicle identification and parking allocation system

The available parking management systems require human efforts for recording entries of coming and leaving vehicles from parking in sheets. For huge parking it is difficult to keep track of the information. Use of Radio Frequency Identification known as RFID technology reduces human efforts and Optical Character Recognition known as OCR, enabled system will provide an automated system for parking management. And also it will provide the control over the access of parking space by the use of boom barriers. For huge parking it will be an effective system.

Parking can be a commercial one or can be a Very Important Person (VIP) parking. Depending on the usage system can be used. Vehicle cannot be parked in parking if it is not registered. OCR acts as a solution for vehicles which are not registered. To keep track of the happenings in parking cameras are used. Places where automated systems are required, the proposed system is an answer. System combines the two strong technologies RFID andOCR.

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