Mobile middleware application and services for real-time water pump system

Mobile Middleware layer functions between the application layer and network layer, and uses the system services of mobile operating system. Mobile middleware provides adaptable and application specific services between the mobile devices, heterogeneous computing devices and the Internet connected application services. Several applications such as mHealth, SmartHome, mCommerce, Smart Shopping, sensor-based traffic controller, agriculture monitoring and structural sensor building use mobile middleware to enhance the application services.

Pervasive middleware aims at providing context manager services for high-level application requirements and underlying heterogeneous device connectivity in the network. In this article, we propose Mobile Middleware Application and Services for Real-time Water Pump System. The proposed middleware application senses the flow of water supply in the pipe, receives the control signals from the Water Level Sensor (WLS) and stops the water pump system when the tank gets filled. SMS alert messages are sent to the registered user. The proposed mobile middleware applications save the energy and water resource respectively.

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