Multichannel filter bank implementation and prototype-filter design based on magnitude response symmetrization

The present paper is devoted to the development of new techniques intended for multichannel signalprocessing. We study multichannel filter banks and their implementations for wideband monitoring tasks. The key point of the paper is a multichannel modification of the single-channel WOLA-algorithm, which can be considered as a generalization of a one-dimensional WOLA-algorithm for processingvector (multichannel) signals. The suggested algorithm is based on efficient calculation of vector discrete Fourier transform.

We also discuss order reduction of a low-frequency prototype-filter on the basis of its magnitude response symmetrization. The efficiency of this approach for a particular prototype filter is demonstrated. The filter, whose characteristics are analyzed in the manuscript, is part of a multi-channel filter bank intended for monitoring the frequency range from 0 to 1 MHz.

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