OFDM Simulation using Matlab Simulink

Overview of OFDM Simulation using Matlab Simulink: Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) is supportive to accomplish the high data rates and then it is essential for the data intensive applications. OFDM is standard simulation using matlab.

Significant Advantages in OFDM Simulation

            Hereby, we have listed down the notable usages in OFDM simulation and this is useful to gain more knowledge about the OFDM simulation

  • It is useful to assume the systems in wireless communication standards
  • Band utilized 52 subcarriers for the process of orthogonal frequency division multiplexing
  • 802.11a is a significant standard in OFDM simulation and it use the parallel core protocols with the function in 5 GHz

Vital Modules in OFDM Simulation using Matlab Simulink

Let us discuss about the modules which is useful for the research development in OFDM simulation

    • Orthogonal frequency division multiple access is used to offer the multiple way of potential for the applications developments at the given point of time
    • Several cellular communications are used in the OFDM technologies
    • Coded OFDM permits the encoding technique to provide error recognition mechanism for all signal which is transferred
  • Flash OFDM
    • It consist of several tones and fast hopping to extend signals through the spectrum band
    • It is the alternative form of the OFDM and enhanced with the Flarion to fast hopping in OFDM

Key Plugins in OFDM Simulation

            The research experts have enlisted the following is about the plugins and the functions of plugins in OFDM simulation using Matlab Simulink and it is useful for the research scholars to implement their idea and the application

  • PHY Components
    • Synchronization, MIMO, source coding, equalization, error control coding, waveform generation, filtering, modulation and space time coding are the features in physical layer
  • Communication Toolbox
    • It is used to detect signal strength and provides overall picture of channel behaviour
    • It employs Error vector magnitude mechanism(EVM) for performance evaluation
    • It offers the constellation eye diagram, waveform generator application and the various tools and scopes  for the verifying process

Major Classes in OFDM Simulation

Hereby, we have listed down the notable classes which are useful for the development of the research. There are many significant classes but we have listed down three types with their features for your reference

  • gr::digital::ofdm_cyclic_prefixer
    • In addition, the cyclic prefix and execution are used for determining the representation of OFDM
  • gr::digital::ofdm_carrier_allocator_cvc
    • Frequency domain is generated for the OFDM symbols from multipart values, attached pilots
  • gr::digital::ofdm_chanest_vcvc
    • Calculates coarse frequency and channel efficiency using OFDM symbols

Substantial Tools in OFDM Simulation

            We have listed down the significant tools in OFDM simulation and that is integrated with OFDM simulation using Matlab Simulink. Our research experts have quite knowledge about the integrated tools and their functions for more reference you can contact us

  • RTL Simulation
    • Uses the Matlab simulation techniques for the authentication process
  • Modelsim
    • Uses TCL Scripting language for the process

Software Requirements in OFDM Simulation

            Hereby, we have highlighted some programming language for the implementation process in the research in OFDM simulation

  • Programming Languages in OFDM Simulation
    • Perl 5.26.1
    • TCL Scripts
    • C++

            The essential and supportive operating systems for OFDM Simulation are highlighted below. If research scholars need some more requirements you can contact us for your research assistance

  • OS Requirements in OFDM Simulation
    • Minimum: 4 GB
    • Minimum: Any Intel or AMD x86-64 processor
    • Windows 10 (version 1803 or higher)
    • Minimum: 3.4 GB of HDD space for MATLAB only
    • 5-8 GB for a distinctive installation

Hereby, we have enlisted the novel versions details for OFDM simulation. By the same token, research scholars may select different versions for their research implementation process

  • Newest Versions in OFDM Simulation

Important of Protocols in OFDM Simulation using Matlab Simulink

            Hereby, we have highlighted the substantial protocols and the implementation process for your reference

  • Practical Transmission Protocol
    • Resourceful protocol used in OFDM system to estimate the channel capacity and to choose the optimum frequency for efficient data transmission

Foremost Subjects in OFDM Simulation

            We have several research notions in OFDM simulation. For your alleviate, our research experts have listed down few ideas

  • Channel State Information
    • The process of channel state information is an analysis of the rayleigh fading channel using Markov chain methodology in the link layer
  • Grouping Method
    • It provides a high level understanding of how channel spatial relationship is calculated and used
    • Nearby IRS elements forms a group to allocate reflection coefficient which can be used commonly by all groups
    • It reduces overall channel overhead and provides efficient energy allocation

Key Parameters in OFDM Simulation using Matlab Simulink

In general, the evaluation process in the research project includes lot of parameters. Consequently, we have listed down the significant OFDM parameters for 4G

  • Total Symbol Duration
  • Inner Channel Coding
  • FFT Size
  • Bandwidth
  • Sub Carrier Spacing
  • Operational Frequency
  • Number Of Sub Carriers
  • Guard Interval Duration
  • Useful Symbol Duration
OFDM Simulation using matlab simulink research guidance

The following is the parameters for LTE OFDM

  • Frame Duration for Each Channel
  • Total Number of Sub-Carriers
  • Useful Symbol Time and FFT Size
  • Over Sampling Factor Calculation
  • Nominal Channel Bandwidth Rate
  • Overall Sampling Frequency
  • Short and Extended Cyclic Prefix

Notable Subject with Appropriate Tools in OFDM Simulation

The research scholars might use the module which suits for their research. For your ease, the subject modules in OFDM simulation using Matlab Simulink are highlighted below

  • Cell Blocking Probabilities
    • It permits cells to lodge multiple services based on resource constraint
  • Cross Layer QOS Framework
    • Resembling IEEE 802.16 standard, it facilitates flow control mechanism, service categorization and subcarrier distribution using opportunistic scheduling protocol

OFDM Modulation Syntax

            At this point, we have highlighted the most considerable syntax in OFDM simulation with example of OFDM simulation process

  • Each modulation type nearly generates 10,000 frames in which majority such as 80 percent is used for training purpose and remaining 20 percent is used for testing and validation
  • Every single frame is consist of 1024 samples which is 8 sample equals a symbol and provides 200 KHz sample rate
  • Training phase make use of validation and training frames
  • End result accuracy is based on the testing frames used

Important Applications in OFDM Simulation

            Generally, there are numerous applications in OFDM simulation for your ease we have decorated some application in OFDM simulation using Matlab Simulink. Particularly, a multi carrier modulation technique which is very much popular in new applications are highlighted below

Prominent Algorithms in OFDM Simulation

The algorithms plays a very important role in OFDM simulation and here we have highlighted the algorithm which is useful for the implementation process for add on information the research scholars can contact us for the implementation of other algorithms. Here, key technology of base band algorithms consist of

  • Synchronization, channel estimation and equalization
  • OFDM modulation and demodulation
  • Convolution encoding and decoding

Major Areas in ODFM Simulation

For your ease, we have enlisted the areas which is useful for the implementation process and development in the OFDM simulation using Matlab Simulink

  • 802.11a/g/n/ac radios
  • Currently utilized in the Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) for single user transmissions in the 802.11 frequency
  • Wi-Fi communications
  • Wireless comunication
  • Signal Processing

Metrics Used in OFDM Simulation

Hereby, we have listed down the metrics used in the process of the OFDM simulation

  • Power Spectral Density
  • Modulation Execution Time
  • Modulation Fitness Value
  • Spectral Efficiency

Outstanding Process in OFDM Simulation

            For your reference, we have listed down the substantial process which is implemented in the OFDM simulation

  • A mathematical function known as an inverse fast Fourier transform (IFFT)
  • Here the procedure of that function spacing of the subcarriers is orthogonal
  • Signal modulation separated into a high data rate modulating stream which locating them against numerous gradually transformable narrow band close spaced subcarriers
  • It provides smaller amount sensitive to choosing frequency fading

Vital Steps Used in OFDM Simulation

We have listed down the steps which is useful for the implementation process of the OFDM simulation

  • To simulate the equalizer as per the channel, each data is transmitted using pilot sequencing
  • Subsequently, it is the determination of coefficient of equalizers to be used
  • Overall transfer function of each channel  is determined using the phantom illustration of  pilot OFDM symbols
  • Equalization will be done only for the discovered signals but data will be processed in the same sequential manner

Performance Analysis in OFDM Simulation

Let us discuss about the quality of service which is used to produce the best results in OFDM simulation using Matlab Simulink

  • QOS Used in OFDM Simulation
    • Packet average throughput
    • Bit rate and Bit error rate (BER) in the physical layer
    • Delay and Packet maximum delay in the link layer

Hereby, we have highlighted the quality of experience of the OFDM simulation

  • QOE Used in OFDM Simulation
    • Adjacent channel leakage (ACL)

Typical Routing Process in OFDM Simulation

            Our research experts have highlighted the routing used in the OFDM simulation

  • Location Based Routing Protocol
    • The routing protocol is used for the measure the time take for the transmission process of OFDM physical layer transmission nodes

Innovative Project Titles in OFDM

            Hereby, we have enlisted the research projects titles with the appropriate implementation screenshots

  • PAPR Reduction – OFDM
    • The result of PAPR reduction process in partial transmit sequence are given below, PAPR (original OFDM) and Combination of the time and PAPR Minimum Range
  • Adjacent Passband Signal Modulation – Straightforward Approach
    • The performance of passband modulation by multiplying a modulated complex signal with a complex sine wave to perform frequency up-conversion. when an adjacent band signal is processed with nonlinearity and causes interference in the desired band
  • User Specified Pilot Indices – OFDM
    • We apply to the resource mapping for the three transmit antennas. The gray lines in the figure show the placement of custom nulls to avoid interference among antennas
  • OFDM for M-PSK modulated signals in Simulink
    • Adding a Gaussian noise to the transmission channel. M-PSK modulated signals using IFFT/FFT constellation to the transmission channel