Plug-and-Play Voltage and Frequency Control of Islanded Microgrids With Meshed Topology

In this paper, we propose a new decentralized control scheme for islanded microgrids (ImGs) composed by the interconnection of distributed generation units (DGUs). Local controllers regulate voltage and frequency at the point of common coupling of each DGU, and they are able to guarantee stability of the overall ImG. The control design procedure is decentralized, since, besides two global scalar quantities, the synthesis of a local controller uses only information on the corresponding DGU and lines connected to it.

Most important, our design procedure enables plug-and-play operations: when a DGU is plugged in or out, only DGUs physically connected to it have to retune their local controllers. We study the performance of the proposed controllers simulating different scenarios inMATLAB/Simulink and using performance indexes proposed in IEEE standards.

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